ISPs improve residential network performance through media conversion

Internet Service Providers that serve residential markets use media converters to integrate fiber-optic infrastructures and provide high-speed data services

The network is the focal point of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Rising data creation rates, virtualization and the cloud are all driving increased network investments among these businesses.

As a result, ISPs are working to upgrade services without spending excessively. Media conversion is enabling this process by allowing vendors to deploy optical infrastructure where possible without having to replace copper cabling where fiber-optics are unnecessary.

The need to upgrade is especially prevalent among ISPs that serve the residential markets, where video streaming and other data-rich online services create demand for a sophisticated infrastructure. Extending fiber-optic infrastructures to single or multi-tenant dwellings is the key to meeting the demand that was not unfilled by older technologies like DSL, VDSL and cable modems.

Fiber in Residential Media Converter Diagram

Media Converters are required to support the optical cabling installations that run from the central office of the service provider to the dwelling. The high-speed data services are delivered to the building or home via fiber and then distributed over copper to multiple tenants. This provides significant amounts of bandwidth while minimizing costs for new installations. The ability to maximize network performance is critical in the service provider market, as data upload and download speeds serve as a key point of competition. Media conversion can give internet service providers the edge over their peers by helping them get the most out of their capital resources.


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