Enterprise Network fiber–optic deployment

Media Converters offer major benefits during Backhaul Network fiber-optic upgrades

Using media conversion to support backhaul networks can enable businesses to deploy sophisticated infrastructure while minimizing costs and complexity. This is becoming especially critical as more organizations approach the network as a competitive advantage over their peers.

In the case of backhaul networks, media conversion can enable advanced network performance by improving end-user access to the data center. Essentially, the backhaul LAN gives low-bandwidth networks, such as interconnected computers and printers, access to a high-performance foundation that connects them to servers and other data center hardware.

Media Converters in Backhaul Network fiber-optic upgrades

This is critical for performance, but difficult to establish using traditional network technologies. However, Fiber to Ethernet Media Converters simplify the process by allowing businesses to use optical technologies to support high-bandwidth backhaul networks that connect to low-bandwidth Ethernet networks accessed by the end user.

Backhaul networks essentially act as the foundation for the company's broader infrastructure, making them a critical consideration for organizations attempting to improve other areas of their network architecture. Media Converters can serve as a key enabler for this process by giving businesses the ability to optimize their financial resources by easily connecting technologies already in place at minimal cost.


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