Serial Data Control

Some equipment have a need to operate under specific communications conditions. As an example, packets need to be delivered as a complete and intact frame or a byte at a time for optimal throughput. This capability is especially important in machine to machine applications with devices that are designed specifically for direct, serial only connections. Connecting this type of equipment to a packet based Ethernet network via a serial to Ethernet device server, may require some “fine tuning” control in how data is received and transmitted across the IP network. Perle IOLAN Device Servers provide the capabilities necessary to “fine tune” the flow of data between their network device and the serial equipment

IOLAN Serial Data Control Feature Set

Packet size control - When the amount of info collected reaches the customer defined packet size, it is forwarded
Idle Time - when the time between characters reaches the idle time the packet is forwarded
Force Transmit Time- when the elapsed time from the 1st character received equals the Force Transmit Time, the packet is transmitted
Frame Definition – The customer is able to identify the frame’s format and the triggers required to forward the frame.


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