Utilities – Electric, Gas & Water

The Energy and Utilities sector is in constant flux as the hunt for additional sources of power is balanced by environmental concerns. In addition, rapidly changing market dynamics, deregulation and cyber-asset protection requirements are forcing Utilities to consider new solutions to emerging issues.

As power utility and distribution companies move towards satisfying their NERC CIP requirements, demand for secure serial to Ethernet equipment in substations will be required. These devices must conform to the demanding environment conditions found in these locations such as Electric & Magnetic Fields, Electrostatic Discharge, Conducted High Frequency Electrical Transients, High Energy Power Surges and Ground Potential Rise during ground faults.

Specific environmental specification standards have been adopted for these environments. IEC 61850-3 sets the standard for reliability of communication networks and systems in substations. IEEE 1613 defines standards for the design of communication network equipment to be used in substations and industrial sites such as; IEEE C37.90.1 ( surge withstand and fast transient voltages ) and IEEE C37.90.2 ( radiated frequency immunity ).

Energy Utilities

Perle’s IOLAN Electric Utility Terminal Servers are designed to meet the harsh environments associated with power substations. With high and low voltage AC/DC power supplies and meeting emission, immunity and safety approvals associated with substation IT equipment, IOLAN’s are ideal for connecting any serial based equipment including protective relays to Ethernet. Industrial Temperature Media Converters are integrated in many large Utilities to extend copper infrastructures over Fiber. Perle has been recognized around the world for its reliable ‘plug and play’ device networking hardware. Here are a few examples in the Utility sector.