Tesla integrate existing 100Base-FX fiber based devices into new Gigabit backbone

Tesla Motors is accelerating the world’s transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars.  With the same gusto for innovation that they apply to their cars, they also constantly innovate their network for speed and efficiency.

Gigabit speed has become necessary in network backbones as a result of an ever-increasing thirst for bandwidth, network speed and functionality expectations. However, to be cost-effective, the building blocks of today's networks call out for a mixture of existing Fast Ethernet equipment and new Gigabit based equipment.

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Tesla had fiber based (100Base-FX) door entry readers running on a separate Fast Ethernet backbone but, found that created security and integrity issues with a the Gigabit network that had recently been implemented throughout the site.  They did not want to replace the door readers because they were not at the end of their lifespan but, the readers were not compatible with the Gigabit network.  And, continuing to operate the door entry readers on a separate network was not practical or operationally good practise, and created potential security issues.

They quickly discovered that integration of the existing door readers onto the Gigabit network was possible with Perle MCR Media Converter Chassis’ housing C-100-M2LC2 Fast Ethernet Media Converter Modules.   Using existing 2km multimode fiber the door readers were connected to the Media Converter Chassis in the server room.  The Perle MCR Chassis is then connected to an existing Gigabit Copper switch, which integrates into the Gigabit Network.

Tesla Motors integrates existing 100Base-FX fiber based devices into new Gigabit backbone

The Manager of IT Operations at Tesla said, “It was much more cost effective to convert the 100Mb fiber to copper and plug into existing switch hardware than it would have been to purchase a new fiber-capable switch.

The successful integration of the door readers into the new Gigabit backbone meant there were no replacement costs and security integrity was no longer compromised. Perle was able to provide the optimum solution and save equipment replacement cost, time, and Tesla was able to eradicate the separate operation of the old Fast Ethernet network.

In addition to using Perle Fiber to Ethernet Media Converters, Tesla also uses the IOLAN SDS3 M Console Server to provide remote serial access to devices at stores in the US and throughout Europe.   It was critical the Serial Console Server chosen had an integrated modem what would work with phone lines in UK, Germany, and France, and have support for both 110V and 220V power.

Also, on the core network, Perle IOLAN SCS32 Console Servers are used to provide secure remote management to a series of Juniper Ethernet Switches.  IOLAN SCS Console Servers have a fault tolerant design to minimize downtime and provide reliable, secure remote device management. With built-in dual Ethernet and Redundant Path technology the IOLAN SCS provides assured serial console port access, offering the most reliable solution for managing remote equipment.    Data management information is protected through standard encryption tools and access by authorized users is assured via industry leading authentication schemes.  But, that’s another story...


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