Perle IRG5000 LTE Routers provide Communication Gateway between Surveillance Cameras and Cloud Services

IRG Routers provide high throughput while handling multiple HD streams

“We have seen a massive surge in demand for cloud-based surveillance solutions,” says Will Litrell, Owner of Eli Controls, a System Integrator for Cloud Surveillance Solutions. “Most new inquiries are for municipality and construction site applications.”

One of the driving factors behind a customer's choice of a cloud surveillance system is the lower initial outlay costs compared to traditional video surveillance systems. Traditional video surveillance systems require investment in dedicated servers and storage to handle on-site processing and management of the footage. The only on-site devices required in a cloud-based system are the cameras and the data communication equipment to transfer footage to the cloud where the video processing and management are performed.

Litrell continues, “However, every site and installation environment is different. Sometimes there is power, sometimes there is internet, sometimes there is neither. So, we needed to design a reliable and rugged surveillance solution that would be flexible enough to cover most eventualities and scenarios.”

The first issue was a power source. To ensure independent operation, regardless of power availability, Eli Controls decided to utilize solar energy cabinets to house the data communication equipment. The router and switch (or PoE injector), would need to operate with universal voltage and be small enough to fit inside the solar cabinets. And the ideal router would have LTE to provide primary or failover back-up connectivity depending on the installation site.

Littrell comments, “We decided to try Perle IRG LTE Routers when the Verizon rep confirmed compatibility, which guaranteed there would be no problems when activating new sim cards."

Diagram for LTE Routers between Cameras and Cloud-Services

The IRG LTE Routers were ideal for the solar cabinet installation because they were designed to operate on limited power sources by consuming less than 1 Watt in idle mode. Standby Mode can also be triggered to drop power consumption to 53 mW when necessary.

The dual-SIM card slots were also important. When the primary carrier contract data cap has been exceeded, the IRG Router will automatically switch over to a back-up data plan. If deployed in a mobile environment long-distance roaming can be enabled and used in the second SIM card. Or, in a location where there is a lack of coverage, or carrier network failure, the IRG Router will automatically switch over to a back-up carrier.

Littrell concludes, “We have been impressed with the throughput of the IRG Router and its ability to handle multiple HD streams.”

The Cloud Surveillance Solution that Eli Controls has designed is truly flexible and reliable, operating independently of site conditions and environments. It truly is “plug-and-play”, or should we say “plug-and-survey”.

About Eli Controls:

Eli Controls is a systems integrator that specializes in providing our customers with business solutions from concept to completion. Our core focus is on security design, engineering, and installation. Our solutions offer a broad base of options and we welcome new challenges. Our years of expertise allow us to provide you an integrated security solution, saving you time and money while allowing you to focus on your core business and offering you peace of mind.

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