LTE Router Applications

Enterprise Networking

Distributed enterprises rely on a complex network of hundreds or thousands of regional locations. Each location is connected to headquarters via a critical Internet connection to support all sales and payment transactions. Downtime costs for a small office, restaurant, retail store, kiosk, or temporary location, even with 99.5% landline availability, can be in excess of $1M per year. A Perle IRG5000 Router can provide primary or failover capability that is quick to deploy and simple to manage.

Industrial Networking

Remaining operational 24/7/365 is imperative in the industrial world. One minute of downtime can adversely impact customers, operations, and revenue. In unmanned remote areas undetected problems can be catastrophic. Therefore, deploying a high performance IIoT solution is vital. A Perle IRG5000 Router can provide reliable and secure connectivity designed for harsh and hazardous environments, giving operations and IT real-time awareness with remote monitoring, control, and management to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Vehicle Networking

Mobile workers in vehicles, or on the move at remote or temporary work sites, need anytime, anywhere access to the tools available in the office. At the same time, organizations operate more efficiently by knowing the location and status of their mobile assets. IRG5500 Routers have been developed specifically for mobile mission critical applications in public safety (including support for FirstNet Band 14), transit, field services, and in-vehicle applications.