A Major Telecom Provider Exceeds 99.85% Uptime Through Remote Call Center Management

A large Telco providing both consumer high-speed Internet access and services as well as corporate communication services has one of the most advanced automated call centers serving a broad base of enterprise companies across the country.

The telecom provider’s call centre, which is managed by a dedicated maintenance team located in a remote geographical location, boasts approximately 150 pieces of hardware, including servers, routers, telephony devices, and more. Its inventory of 100 servers includes 60 Sun Solaris stations, which are used to perform real-time calculations on “vital” statistics such as information login, destination of calls, times of calls, etc

As part of its commitment to service quality, their contractual agreement specifies availability rates that exceed 99.85%, and a guaranteed restoration time for a failed network of less than four hours. In order to meet this commitment, the telecom provider needed a solution that would increase the speed in which maintenance teams could respond to potential problems and pre-empt downtimes as much as possible. This included a remote management solution for accessing the centre’s 60 Sun servers through the company’s business network.

Following a needs analysis, the telecom provider chose the 16-port version of the Perle IOLAN SCS as the remote management solution that would suit its maintenance team requirements. The IOLAN SCS was selected for a number of reasons:

  • Security: SSH encryption provides highly secure communications between the maintenance technicians and the Sun server, regardless of the remote location.
  • Ease of Use: The IOLAN SCS allows for easy configuration by remote management and maintenance personnel through the web or telnet.
  • Advanced data collection and storage: The large port buffers allow users to access server boot and start-up process sequence events that do not appear in the Sun server log. A complete log of these events is captured and stored by the Perle Console Server for viewing at the convenience of the Sun server administrator.
  • Equipment protection: Perle’s “SUN safe” solution eliminates system crashes, because it does not send a brake signal to the server if the power to the Sun server is interrupted.
  • Long-term investment protection: The exclusive lifetime warranty demonstrates Perle’s commitment to quality and long-term investment protection for customers

Perle technology allowed the telecom provider to set up its Telephony-IT Integration Centre and meet its commitment to service quality, while ensuring optimal security in terms of the company’s internal requirements, according to the Integration Engineer of the telecom provider. “Without the Perle Console Server, we would not have been able to start up our information processing centre so quickly. Among other benefits, it offers an additional guarantee of improved service uptime at the operations level.”

Perle IOLAN SCS 16


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