6 features SaaS brings to transportation management systems

The supply chain and logistics industry is slowly yet steadily foraying into cloud-based solutions to assist with a transportation management system (TMS).

By Max Burkhalter
July 29, 2021
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The supply chain and logistics industry is slowly yet steadily foraying into cloud-based solutions to assist with a transportation management system. With the fast-paced marketplace, SaaS transport management systems (TMS), supply chain industry stakeholders are better equipped to overcome the restrictions caused due to global outbreaks in the future.

GrandViewResearch states that the global transportation management systems market was valued at 99.4 million in 2020 and is set to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 11.7% from 2021-2022. According to Invesp, 63% of businesses today do not use technology to monitor supply chain performances.

1. Accurate Forecasting

A SaaS system along with the forecasting features are a valuable addition to logistics companies that aim to determine supply and demand and pricing estimates. For startups or small- and mid-sized companies, the forecasting function of the SaaS system is designed based on an analysis of past workflows and predictions for the future.

In the case of larger businesses, sophisticated systems with more intricate systems such as artificial intelligence are necessary for ensuring the best-fitted production scheduling and avoiding any financial losses. The SaaS system for TMS helps in the right mix of accurate forecasting for any business type.

2. Rate Calculations

SaaS calculations tend to account for shipping prices based on the various details of fixed profit margins and costs. With transportation management systems, a central feature is estimated the drivers' charges, fuel costs, custom expenses if any, vehicles used, port fees and other details. SaaS TMS systems vary but the solution typically keeps records of prices and rates of third-party services to compute the final price to the best accuracy.

3. Load Optimization

if you're providing a large logistics service with hundreds or thousands of shipments every year, you must consider a SaaS system to convert to automatic load planning options. In the best of ways, the feature can help your business handle any hindrances faced between the various customers, cargo units and third parties.

The logistics software will help you automate certain processes such as configuring cargo types, mode of deliveries, warehouse locations, custom regulations and time of deliveries. In simpler words, the load planning process becomes convenient for everyone.

4. Centralized Documentation

The logistics and supply chain industry has undergone plenty of tedious processes such as creating, collecting and processing documents. However, there is always a chance of human error during documentation management. With centralizing documentation using the SaaS system, your enterprise can streamline the process from start to end, by invoice managing, handling guarantee letters, reporting transportation details and any other essential information.

5. Shipment Tracking

The part and parcel of the supply chain industry is real-time tracking of shipment. SaaS transportation management systems bring solid shipment tracking functionalities where businesses can efficiently manage their orders while preventing and detecting any issues before occurring. Once the system is integrated, the management can merely inform the customers in real-time about the expected date of delivery and all other parties in the shipment order to avoid additional costs.

6. Easy Integration

Whether you're a startup, a small- to mid-sized or large business, the SaaS solution will require connection abilities with third-party software of the consumer base. This includes accounting software, tools to improve cooperation with ports, and documentation programs with customization options. If you intend on building a SaaS system for transportation management, you are advised to be aware of all integration options and the easy applicability for clients.

SaaS TMS solutions are an incredibly valuable addition to any company that deals with routine logistics, and they help decrease costs while improving service outcomes. Perle has all of the quality hardware you need to support your SaaS TMS solution. Read our customer success stories today.


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