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7 ways to leverage AI for business growth and innovation

By Perle Systems
May 25, 2023

It's no longer news that artificial intelligence (AI) is crawling into the cracks of every business process in multiple industries. Many think it might cause serious disruption and chaos, especially for employees. Nonetheless, AI is anticipated to increase at an average yearly pace of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030, per Grand View Research. Since individuals and businesses are optimistic about using it in their everyday lives, it's safe to say that it has its perks.

AI is not a monster; the real threat is having the tool but not knowing how to use it. That said, let's take a look at how you can leverage AI to drive business growth and innovation.


By utilizing AI's data-driven methodology, businesses can explore enormous informational databases, identify new patterns and gain priceless insights that will spark innovation and propel their company to the top of their respective industries.


AI has changed the game for business owners striving to maintain their competitiveness. Routine processes can easily be streamlined with AI automation, giving you and your team more time to concentrate on strategic and creative projects. By utilizing AI, specifically for automation, you can eliminate tedious chores and innovate while increasing productivity.


Though not highly mentioned, AI can assist companies with the costs they attach to their products and services. Business owners, especially start-ups, normally struggle with this aspect of business, but  AI-driven dynamic pricing algorithms are capable of making automatic adjustments to prices based on current market demand, competitor pricing, etc. Companies can utilize this tool to maximize profits, keep up with the competition and optimize pricing tactics.


Organizations can also leverage AI to improve cybersecurity — an increasingly important area for modern businesses. With AI, companies are capable of easily spotting dangerous tendencies, fending against cyberattacks and bolstering their online fortifications to protect the integrity and security of their sensitive data.

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The days of depending entirely on intuition and educated guesses are over; AI enables business owners to make decisions that are supported by in-depth study and analysis. The technology is able to offer invaluable insights, analyze vast quantities of data and spot nuanced patterns. As a result, businesses can make informed, strategic decisions that confidently and precisely advance their company.

Risk management

Companies can utilize AI to stay one step ahead by spotting anomalies and fraudulent activities and evaluating large databases for potential threats. With AI acting as their watchful protector, they can actively manage risks, protect their priceless assets and successfully negotiate volatile business environments.

Customer experience

Data from Semrush states that 40% of businesses use AI primarily to improve customer experiences. This is due to AI's ability to assist any organization in effortlessly satisfying consumer needs, quickly addressing inquiries and providing individualized experiences with chatbots and customized interactions.

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