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Brains and bots: Leveraging artificial intelligence to improve education

By Perle Systems
June 1, 2023

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the education industry, making the teaching-learning process more efficient and accessible. It has also spurred concern for educators because its rapid advancements could replace the need for certain human resources. Studies have shown, however, that educators can work hand in hand with AI to refine teaching methods and improve learning outcomes. It's important to view AI as an opportunity and not a threat because it has already been proven beneficial. Moreover, educators can leverage AI in several ways to revamp the education system.

Let's take a look at the future of education, and the role AI will play in its improvement.

Importance of integrating AI in education system

As technology advances, it'll change the way many industries operate. And if education, the cornerstone of society, doesn't adapt to these trends, society will not progress. There's no doubt that AI is powerful, but nothing beats the power of humans. Educators can use this fact to their advantage and find ethical ways to integrate AI in schools. Moreover, the benefits of using AI are endless: It's not only efficient and can do tasks faster than humans, it's also capable of meeting everyone's needs.

AI replacing educators is not the only risk to consider: There's also the risk of educators teaching students an outdated curriculum that may not be necessary for the future. Technology, including AI, will continue to evolve. Therefore, it should be integrated in school curriculums so students can learn how to maneuver these tech changes. Additionally, AI can assist officials to achieve sustainable development goals faster, specifically SDG4, which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

AI benefits for students

Personalized learning

Teachers often struggle to meet the needs of all students because each student has different learning goals, levels of knowledge and they learn at different speeds. However, AI algorithms can analyze student data and create individual resources so each student receives a personalized learning experience.

Accessibility anywhere

Traditional educational systems may not be the most inclusive, therefore, many students are left behind. AI opens up room for accessibility, anytime and anywhere. Learning then becomes more flexible and even students with disabilities and financial challenges can get a proper education.

Students and teacher using laptops AI makes the lives of teachers and students easier.

AI benefits for teachers

Task automation

Administrative tasks such as grading tests and crafting lesson plans don't only take away from teaching time, but can also be draining. Luckily, AI can be a teacher's personal assistant, allowing them more time to focus on providing students with a richer learning experience. So far, AI has been successfully used to detect plagiarism, deal with student enrollment, conduct academic research and analyze student success.


A significant advantage of AI is its ability to analyze lump sum of data in a short amount of time. With this data, educators can make major decisions more quickly. AI proves itself useful in this area as human research often takes years. Now, with the help of AI, teachers can make informed decisions from accurate data.

Partner with Perle for improved educational experience

Educators can now utilize artificial intelligence to improve their teaching methods and student's learning experiences. Perle offers several IoT solutions that can contribute to efficiency and growth in the education sector.


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