CenturyLink embraces the cloud to remain relevant

CenturyLink's latest venture is a brilliant move in the age of the cloud.

By Donna Donnowitz
August 21, 2014

CenturyLink has responded to the rapidly expanding market for hybrid cloud solutions by launching its own private cloud. The company's new service is supported by 54 facilities in 37 cities across the globe. Each facility hosts private cloud architecture for local companies in need of comprehensive, secure data storage and will likely provide remote access to additional communities through console servers. CenturyLink's latest maneuver also reflects the pervasive popularity of hybrid cloud services.

Versatile storage
The new CenturyLink facilities will offer a full array of public, private and hybrid cloud services for customers, says DataCenter Dynamics. CenturyLink has simplified access to all three of its data center options by implementing a global interface that works across all three configurations. This standard interface also makes it easy for companies to transition from private to public storage (or the reverse) without having to adjust to a learning curve.

The new facility is specifically targeting companies in need of secure storage, but lacking the IT resources to maintain a private cloud on the premises. CenturyLink's resources allow the company to swiftly update its cloud with the latest security updates and protocols. In addition, CenturyLink hopes to introduce its private cloud customers to the benefits of the public cloud. Seamless transition between interfaces is sure to entice companies to consider how a hybrid solution could benefit their company.

CenturyLink's evolution
Forbes notes that CenturyLink has made several successful transitions across technological turning points in the telecom industry. The company's willingness to reinvent and integrate trending technology into its services has been key to success. CenturyLink's recent push for private cloud customers likewise reflects a forward-facing strategy.

Research from analysts at Gartner shows that almost half of big companies will implement a hybrid cloud network by 2017. Likewise, a survey by InformationWeek revealed that 36 percent of corporate IT departments are already operating private clouds. Transitioning from colocation services to private cloud hosting is a smart move by CenturyLink in the midst of this industry shift. The repositioning effort will help the telecom veteran to remain profitable in the new age of information technology.

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