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Cloud computing demands data center innovation

By Max Burkhalter
November 30, 2012
A revolution is upon us. Cloud computing is taking such a firm hold in the data center that many businesses are being forced to adjust systems and architectures to support the technology. This is contributing to changes in everything from how companies develop their IT staff to the day-to-day processes used to keep facilities running. A recent Data Center Knowledge report explained that the IT world never really stagnates and cloud computing is only accelerating the pace of change. As a result, businesses have to be ready to address the unique data center challenges created by the cloud and be proactive to resolve them.

Importance of networking
One of the greatest difficulties presented by cloud computing takes place in the network. If you look at the data center network in a facility using the cloud, you will see changes in everything from how servers communicate with one another to how data reaches end users.

Internally, virtualization and automation push more east-west traffic through the data center while north-south traffic also increases as end users access more content through the web. As a result, operators have to make the network more flexible and adaptable internally.

At the same time, reaching end users is a problem because WAN limitations can lead to dropped data packet issues. Many companies are overcoming this through MAN infrastructure, which often involves using fiber to Ethernet media converters to attach Ethernet infrastructure to dark fiber in a metropolitan region, connecting data centers in various offices.

Heightened management needs
The network is not the only area affected by the cloud. Data center management also becomes more challenging because so many things are automated that the IT systems work at a faster pace. As a result, problems escalate faster and responses need to be more rapid. Console management can help in this area by giving you the ability to control IT and facility systems remotely, enabling more immediate responses to problems that arise in the data center.

As cloud computing continues to create new challenges in the data center, strategic investments are becoming necessary to enable efficient and sustainable IT practices. This is especially true with the cloud evolving into a more robust and widespread technology that is used by businesses of all sizes.

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