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Cloud networks need a mix of physical and digital defenses

By Donna Donnowitz
August 25, 2014

IT professionals have had to continue developing new security solutions as the cloud becomes more popular and complex. However, even the most protected networks can fall prey to basic breaches of physical security. IT departments that utilize a mix of old and new technology will have greater success in keeping security failures to a minimum.

Encryption in the cloud era
Cisco reports that 2014 marks the first year where companies are utilizing cloud storage space more readily than traditional IT infrastructures. Likewise, data center traffic is expected to triple by 2017, according to Data Center Knowledge. It's no surprise then that companies are taking greater efforts to protect sensitive information with complex encryption.

The strategy does come at a risk of encryption sprawl and inconsistencies slowing down workflow. Companies can avoid these issues by developing a detailed key plan to go along with their ramping encryption efforts. A company can beef up security, for example, by simply managing its own set of encryption keys. In addition, companies utilizing several console servers will have to develop additional solutions to ensure security remains consistent across several points of access to the cloud. CIO recommends the use of an endpoint management software solution to monitor and manage security exceptions.

Old school security approaches
The humorous irony of digital security efforts is that they can be made irrelevant with a bit of carelessness and a USB memory drive. IT departments must also consider the physical threats to their network when designing a data center's infrastructure. InformationWeek stresses the importance of a tactical perimeter around physical hardware. A varied list of security measures, from patrol guards to biometric scanners, can be implemented to meet the needs and budget of any data center.

Many companies manage separate data storage and processing networks as an extra layer of security for sensitive information. This strategy helps companies to foil attempts of corporate espionage through sabotaged equipment. InformationWeek also warns IT teams to take special care in inspecting and maintaining network cables. Small problems like a messy set of wires could eventually escalate into security breaches or instances of network downtime.

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