Connect and chill: At-home entertainment with IoT

IoT can be fun, even in the home. Read on to find out how at-home entertainment has evolved with connected devices.

By Perle Systems
May 2, 2023
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Home is where the fun is, especially with the internet of things (IoT) allowing devices to seamlessly connect via the web. Families and solo home owners no longer have to choose between the peace of their house or going out to have fun; they can get the best of both worlds with connected devices. Moreover, they can save money and still get to have quality family or solo time.

Connected devices are one of the main reasons for the evolution of at-home entertainment and the industry is rapidly growing. In fact, 79% of internet users are using internet-connected home entertainment solutions.

Let's take a look at how you can use connected devices to improve your at-home entertainment.

Smart TVs

Why use a regular TV when smart TVs exist? You can throw out the remotes you normally spend 10 minutes searching for, get rid of the cords that make your space look unattractive and the DVD player that's taking up shelf space. With a smart TV, you can be an official couch potato. They put the simplicity back in entertainment because all you need to stream content is the internet. A smart TV's connection capabilities also have the option of temporarily replacing your smartphone and computer so you can browse the web and communicate with your loved ones and effortlessly switch between your favorite apps like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu.

A family of two on the couch connecting a laptop to their smart TV. It's easy to connect your day-to-day devices to your smart TV.

Smart speakers

"Alexa, turn on the TV." You can be entertained within seconds of a single voice command — that's the power of smart speakers. They're more than just another musical system; they are built with a hardwired virtual assistant feature that uses voice commands. Say goodbye to the limitations of your smartphone and Bluetooth devices; smart speakers offer you the benefit of convenience, compatibility and excellent sound quality. Besides, they can operate anywhere in your home once it's connected to the internet. Without leaving your room, you can seamlessly listen to music, podcasts and weather forecasts. You can also use it to control the light and temperature, control the power of other smart systems and order takeout.

Game Console

Gone are the days when a gaming console was just the controller with buttons and a built-in screen. It has advanced to a smart system that has realistic graphics, riveting sound, and online features like streaming capabilities, social media integration and multiplayer gaming. Now you can enjoy gaming with both your household and people all over the globe. Some gaming consoles offer virtual reality so people can feel like they are actually in the game. They have taken at-home entertainment to another level; online streaming and e-sports have become popular, allowing gamers to make money while playing. Of course, with gaming consoles now a product of IoT, the internet is all that's needed to operate the system. It's also compatible with other smart devices and can make everyone's life easier while providing rich entertainment.

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