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Considering console management use models

By Max Burkhalter
May 8, 2013

Console management solutions can enable businesses to manage their data centers remotely, controlling almost every phase of the facility as long as the system can have a console port installed in it. For IT leaders, this means you can provision new virtual machines, shut servers that are close to failing down safely to avoid data loss and make other key adjustments to the configuration. While console management can pay off in a wide variety of ways, there are a few usage models that are particularly noteworthy.

Distributed data center setups
The data center without walls movement is taking a firm hold in many sectors, creating an environment in which companies often have data center infrastructure that is spread over multiple facilities, enabling flexibility and scalability that can be invaluable for organizations. However, it also leads to a data center setup in which organizations may manage a core internal data center at company headquarters, multiple small data centers in branch offices and strategic IT assets in a colocation facility. Organizations could also have to provide some management of cloud and managed hosting systems depending on how they are established. Console servers can play a vital role in easing data center management tasks in such a setup by allowing basic operations to be completed remotely, freeing IT workers from the need to frequently travel between facilities.

Supporting business expansion
Many organizations faced with a need to expand into new markets end up in a situation where they face major struggles trying to manage the new data center that supports operations in the new market. Console server systems can help IT managers provide key oversight over the new facility and deal with any problems that may arise quickly and efficiently. This allows organizations to expand their data center footprint more easily and support corporate expansion.

Providing managerial oversight
Many IT leaders have to do a lot of travel to attend conferences, visit branch offices and perform other key operations. However, they may still be needed to provide key management assistance when IT workers need help during the day. Console management allows IT leaders to provide oversight and help other IT staff members manage the data center as efficiently as possible.

Console server systems may provide a simple function - remote data center management - but that capability can be so vital that it creates considerable value for businesses.


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