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Corporate networks not ready for contemporary applications

By Max Burkhalter
May 29, 2012
Cloud computing, virtualization, video and big data are all technologies that have been thrown around by analysts to discuss major challenges to corporate network infrastructure. While these technologies are often the core cause of network problems, the flaws in the networks that struggle to handle these solutions often come out when running applications. This puts businesses in a difficult position as their end-user solutions are the ones that are failing because of challenges in handling the bandwidth requirements from the data center out through to their workers.

According to the recent Killer Apps survey, applications are beginning to, metaphorically, kill many corporate networks. Approximately 74 percent said that mission-critical apps are experiencing significant performance issues because there is not enough bandwidth available to support their requirements. When it comes to specific solutions having problems because of network limitations, 26 percent of respondents pointed to line of business apps, another 26 percent to ERP or CRM and roughly 22 percent cited video applications as a major contributor to bandwidth issues.

Looking at performance issues from a broader perspective, approximately 82 percent of those polled said they have experienced significant application performance problems because of speed and responsiveness issues in the network. Most respondents expect the issues to keep getting worse. At the same time, another 69 percent of survey participants said they lack key visibility into the network, making it more difficult to identify bandwidth problems and make strategic changes to the network.

The network needs to become a priority for businesses. While the problems, from the end user perspective, are visible in application performance, they go as deep as the core data center infrastructure. With the rise of cloud computing, virtualization, video and big data as enterprise trends, the amount of information businesses are passing through the network has risen. Furthermore, the traffic has grown in both an outward direction toward end users and a sideways avenue between servers and storage systems. This is complicated by the fact that virtualization allows all of this network congestion to be placed on less hardware, leaving more application data to travel through fewer ports. These issues can only be resolved through a variety of network upgrades designed to not only create more bandwidth, but to use data throughput capabilities more efficiently to ensure consistent performance.

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