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Data center infrastructure sales to see a boost in 2015

By Donna Donnowitz
January 26, 2015

The Data Center Journal noted that data center infrastructure manufacturers have seen sluggish sales over the past the fews, slowed down by the greater adoption of virtualization, a push across the industry for consolidation and greater competition between colocation vendors. This trend may be headed for a turnaround in the new year, however, according to a recent study published by IHS. The research report predicted a 4.4 percent revenue growth worldwide for rack and enclosure manufacturers, based on an expected 2.9 percent increase in unit shipments in 2015. Greater investments in cooling equipment and uninterruptible power supplies are expected to stoke the coals of global infrastructure sales as well.

BitFury the latest company to jump into immersion cooling
A recent price crash changed the game for Bitcoin hardware specialists, as vendors have reacted to the market shift by looking for ways to quickly reduce their operating costs. BitFury Group, for example, has expressed plans to purchase Allied Control, adding the immersion cooling specialists to their ranks of subsidiaries, according to Data Center Knowledge. The resource noted that this investment by BitFury may set the stage for widespread adoption of immersion cooling by the Bitcoin mining industry. Considering the large amount of data centers that Bitcoin miners currently operate, an industry-wide adoption would mean healthy sales for immersion cooling infrastructure.

Uninterruptible power supplies deliver extra resiliency to data centers
IT Pro Portal pointed out that IT teams are expected to make greater investments in disaster recovery solutions in 2015, likely in response to a string of major outages last year. Resiliency budgets will largely be dedicated to DRaaS companies and other forms of data protection, but improvements will also be made at the infrastructure level to minimize chances of outages happening in the first place, said CloudWedge. Hooking up an uninterrupted power source to a remote console server, for instance, would ensure that a data center's off-site facilities would have unfettered access to business critical information even during an emergency. Mix and matching solutions like these are likely to drive infrastructure sales this year as well.

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