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Data center networks facing significant challenges

By Max Burkhalter
February 2, 2012
Businesses are dealing with an overwhelming amount of data. Social media, mobile device deployment, video content, high-performance applications and a variety of other conditions are all contributing to major challenges when it comes to information management. In the data center sector, these developments are posing major problems for network managers, as they need to develop infrastructure that prevents outages and supports application delivery on a consistent basis, DataCenter Dynamics reported.

According to the news source, this problem is further complicated by budget issues. While network managers can often identify where they need more infrastructure, there is little they can do unless the business managers are willing to authorize the investments needed to solve the problems. In many cases, this is incredibly difficult because so many organizations are strapped for funds and networking is often viewed as a facilitator and not an enabler.

The report said this has left many data center network managers looking to identify bottlenecks, prepare for any possible usage spikes and put other analysis to use in an effort to streamline operations and make the most of available hardware to prevent an outage.

While the challenges associated with data center networks are already considerable, the news source said they are only going to continue growing, forcing businesses to take notice and make major upgrades to their infrastructure.

The report said cloud computing, mobility strategies and other technologies are poised to put so much pressure on data center network systems that organizations are going to have to not only optimize their infrastructure, but also invest in new solutions that will add bandwidth and improve overall performance.

This move toward recognizing the importance of the network in sustaining operations will likely lead to more organizations recognizing the substantial business value associated with an advanced network system. In response, 2012 will see more companies make significant investments in their infrastructure in an effort to gain a competitive advantage over other companies in the sector, according to the news source.

As businesses work to transition their network infrastructure to new demands, they may need to consider establishing better ways to establish their hardware. Many experts agree that traditional networking setups quickly become far too complex when they are expanded to handle changing operational needs. This is creating an environment in which many organizations are not only upgrading their networks, but also working to develop innovative architectures.

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