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Dynamic tactics vital to maximizing data center efficiency

By Donna Donnawitz
June 26, 2013

Improving energy efficiency in the data center can prove incredibly difficult. Contemporary data centers are often extremelycomplex and change frequently. This can make it challengingto to develop sustainability strategies that are both effective and applicable to the long-term vision for the data center. If you want to keep your data center energy consumption rates under control, you may want to think about flexible and adaptable strategies to keep power usage rates in line. A recent Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine report explained that data center efficiency strategies should be just as dynamic as the actual data center.

Looking at dynamic data center energy strategies
If you think about what makes a dynamic data center efficiency strategy, you may soon realize that there aren't necessarily many options out there. The problem is that major, meaningful projects ofteninvolvehaving to unify a wide range of technologies and facility design elements that leave companies committed to specific strategies for an extended period of time. However, there are some flexible, adaptable solutions out there for you to take advantage of. The news source identified aisle containment as one such solution.

Aisle containment: According to the report, aisle containment strategies can have a major impact on data center efficiency and be installed in a flexible enough way to make the strategy a dynamic efficiency strategy. Industry expertLars Larsen explained that aisle containment can have a positive affect on network equipment performance and reliability.

"If the server is in the cold aisle with filler panels at the rear, you get some benefit by surrounding the servers with the cool air," Legrand told the news source. "They are essentially large heat sinks. If you surround them with hot air, they will absorb it and make it harder to cool - even if you are blowing cool air through it. The bottom line is that cold aisle containment can be easier to set up while protecting your network performance."

Console management: Console servers can also prove dynamic as data center efficiency solutions. A console management setup gives IT leaders more control over the data centers. This positions administrators to control many aspects of the facility and IT configuration remotely, making it easier for technicians to quickly and easily adjust the setup and improve facility efficiency.

Using solutions like aisle containment and console management can position organizations to improve data center efficiency in such a way that companies can adapt to changes in the data center.

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