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Evolution a key theme in cloud networking requirements

By Donna Donnawitz
May 23, 2012
When cloud computing and virtualization gain a firm hold in a data center's storage architecture, the network can quickly be overwhelmed by data throughput rates that go well beyond the inherent capabilities of legacy solutions.

This is further complicated by the rising popularity of flash-based arrays, which dramatically accelerate the pace of data transmission between storage, processing and different devices in the network. A variety of solutions are emerging to overcome these problems, but a complete hardware refresh may not be the answer, sometimes, an evolution of existing technologies can get the job done, Enterprise Networking Planet reported.

According to the news source, some industry pundits are claiming that data center operators should just switch to PCI-express-based flash arrays that interact directly with the CPU and allow operators to essentially forgo the SAN in entirety. At the same time, others claim that current high-performance storage technology will become more popular in an effort to respond to the demands set forth by the cloud. Still, there are others that instead suggest going open source and moving beyond proprietary networking models in the storage network.

The report said each of these options have their different methods, but the overarching theme between each of these architectures is not that the network needs an overwhelming change to handle the cloud. Instead, the lesson to be learned is that an evolution of legacy systems that provides the flexibility, scalability and responsiveness of these, somewhat controversial, options is the answer.

Essentially, businesses should not necessarily be looking for a single panacea to resolve all of the storage networking issues that arise in the cloud. Instead, organizations need to analyze their existing infrastructure and the various options available and work to evolve their legacy networks to handle the clouds. This allows companies to get the most value out of their existing networking investments without falling behind and struggling to meet current requirements, the news source explained.

Dealing with the storage network is not the only challenge brought on by cloud computing. Data center operators also have to deal with a rise in east-west traffic. Traditionally, most data center network transmissions are north-south, from the facility out to end users. With the rise of the cloud, more traffic is moving east-west, between servers and systems, making corresponding network adjustments critical.

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