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Future Must-Have IoT Skills Needed by All Industries

By Max Burkhalter
September 30, 2022

IoT has grown exponentially since the term was coined in 1999. Since then, as we completely immerse ourselves in the post-digital era, IoT is now heavily entrenched in many industries, from manufacturing to health care and beyond. As IoT becomes more popular and widespread, businesses are looking for people with the skills to implement it successfully.

In order to meet this demand, organizations need to start hiring qualified people for both entry-level positions as well as those with more experience and expertise. This can be a difficult task for some businesses, particularly those that are just getting started or have never had an influx of new workers before. However, it's important that companies start building their talent pipeline early on if they want to be successful in the IoT era.

There are a number of different ways they can do this, including offering training programs for current employees or scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in IoT. Ensuring that workers have the skills required to adapt to developing technologies will also be necessary for success.

These must-have talents for a successful career in IoT. Therefore, a hire who can grow your organization with internet technology needs to have:

  • A strong understanding of computer science concepts such as algorithms.
  • Data science skills.
  • Programming experience such as Java or Python.
  • Experience working with AI and machine learning.
  • Understanding of design and engineering.
  • Knowledge of web design languages such as HTML5.

As IoT becomes more popular, it's inevitable that AI will play a crucial role in this area. While AI will be able to analyze the data collected by these devices and make predictions accordingly, it's important that those working with this data can interpret and understand its meaning in the wider context of the organization, as well as its ethical use and implications to data privacy.

In order to thrive in a constantly evolving environment, employees must have strong communication and organizational skills. They must also possess the technical knowledge that allows them to understand the impact of technology on their work. Finally, employees should be able to adapt to new technologies and be flexible as tech continues to evolve. It's important for employers to identify employees who have these skills and make sure that they are properly trained. By giving employees the right tools for the job, organizations can ensure that they're getting the most out of their workforce.

Trust your IoT technology with Perle

Regardless of whether you have the best tech talent for your organization, you need to be able to successfully connect your devices to the internet. Perle offers device servers and terminal servers to aid in the connectivity required to streamline your IoT technology as it evolves. For more information, reach out for a discussion.


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