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Holistic planning can overcome data center limitations

By Donna Donnawitz
November 30, 2012
Businesses face many restrictions when it comes to the data center. These can range from limited expertise among IT staff members to budget problems and space limitations. It can be easy to look at these problems and think that you can't do anything to improve your facility, but this assumption does not take a holistic approach to the data center into account.

For example, if your staff lacks data center expertise, or you have a development and networking-focused IT department and lack individuals who can collaborate to handle the entire data center, you can use third-party services to overcome your limitations and develop a better facility.

Looking at your data center limitations and coming up with holistic solutions is vital to overcoming IT challenges and building an efficient facility.

Common data center myths
According to a recent Plant Engineering report, one common myth about data center limitations is financial. Many businesses claim they simply cannot afford to develop a more sustainable and efficient data center architecture. While it is true that many major sustainability investments are expensive, there is plenty of low-hanging fruit that organizations can take advantage of to streamline data center operations and reduce energy consumption.

The news source explained that possible solutions include natural cooling and air containment, which both provide inexpensive ways to improve cooling capabilities without incurring excess costs.

Another common myth that companies buy into is the belief that building a new data center has to be inefficient and expensive. The report said that modular data center design is simplifying construction and deployment, creating an environment in which companies can more easily build the data center systems they need.

Considering holistic management
Effective data center strategies can put IT departments on a strong footing for efficiency, but how they manage facilities could dictate the long-term viability of a data center. By investing in console server infrastructure, businesses can establish a foundation that gives them more control of the data center in an efficient way. The technology enables IT managers to remotely control and configure various aspects of a data center, streamlining management and creating major efficiency gains.

Console management is especially important for organizations with a variety of branch offices and remote data centers, as having staff members travel between facilities is an expensive and logistically challenging process. Console server systems cut costs in this area and reduce time wasted travelling between data centers.

Perle’s wide range of 1 to 48 port Perle Console Servers provide data center managers and network administrators with secure remote management of any device with a serial console port. Plus, they are the only truly fault tolerant Console Servers on the market with the advanced security functionality needed to easily perform secure remote data center management and out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world.


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