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How are digital connections moving America’s moments?

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March 18, 2022

When 2020 lockdowns started, the entire world went online. The result of our lives going viral is skyrocketing numbers of WiFi-connected devices affecting every sector of our day-to-day lives. From the way we approach health and wellness to the way businesses handle marketing and the customer experience, people everywhere are connected to their devices more than ever before.

Slowly and all at once, smart technology is bringing our world together.

But what devices are coming out on top and what effect are they having? Let's dive in.

The digital connection we experience today is a result of a lifetime of advancements.The digital connection we experience today is a result of a lifetime of advancements.

Connected devices impacting our lives

Comcast's 2021 WiFi Trends Report reveals some incredible facts about what our reality looks like as we migrate through the new decade. They found that of the one billion devices connected to Xfinity households, 346.9 million of those were smartphones — a 12-time increase from their 2018 poll.

The greatest increase of the devices Americans connected their smartphones to was related to fitness technology. Between smartwatches, fitness trackers and exercise equipment, Comcast noted a 93-time increase. Remotely connecting was an obvious outcome of lockdowns, but our collective concern for tracking health was a discovery that truly demonstrated where Americans tried their best to focus their time in the past two years.

Following health-focused tracking technology, we also found ourselves investing in more video streaming and gaming services for entertainment and connection.

While our reliance on technology has been steadily increasing year over year, Comcast notes that fast and reliable internet connection "has never been more important." No longer is fast, reliable internet a sweet perk or a nice-to-have, but a necessary part of attracting and keeping customer engagement going.

Pew Research has been tracking the steady increase of connected devices since 2011. In February of 2021, the research publication found that 85% of U.S. adults own a smartphone — a 35% increase.

This connection has permeated not only our lives at home, but everywhere else as well.

Digital connection in business

Industry research and customer data services are not new concepts for business success, but the way they have evolved is. Before, marketing and sales teams used customer-focused data analytics, AI and machine learning technology to gain access to information about their current customers and future prospects.

Now, however, the entire supply chain must be connected.

While 2020 and 2021 saw an unprecedented increase in online orders, businesses pivoted to avoid future customer frustrations and maintain trust with shoppers by building up their supply chain technology. 2022 online shopping now offers transparent inventory on an eStore website, accurate shipping times and tracking information for customers.

The more informed a customer is, the better they can manage their expectations. Technology in the supply chain offers retailers and service providers a chance to both communicate clearly with their customers and accurately manage their business.

A 2022 Forbes article by CEO of Service Cloud at Salesforce, Clara Shih. notes there are four ways to deliver excellent customer service without missing a beat:

  • Share the customer information, journey and profile across every customer-facing department.
  • Connect operations teams with front-line customer service agents.
  • Utilize customer, process and supply-chain data analytics to make continuous improvements.
  • Plan ahead of customer complaints to create a proactive (instead of reaction) approach.

Shoppers' expectations are high in the digital age of personalization and inbound marketing. Connecting every department of your business to the customer will keep your teams informed on not only the current wants and needs of the people who drive their company, but the potential future trends as well.

Internet of Things and connected devices

From your local coffee shop down the street to business management systems, it seems as if everything is connected these days. That sentiment is even more accurate when you take into consideration the Internet of Things (IoT) as it relates to connected devices. From smart refrigerators to smart cities, we literally cannot step out of our front door without IoT technology.

The emergence of 5G opened the doors for connected devices and IoT with faster and more reliable connectivity. 5G allows for faster internet connection anywhere. This has pushed the needle toward more IoT device adoption as more verticals take advantage of the technology.

5G and IoT bring the world of connected devices around full circle with the enablement of real-time video and data streaming from the concept stage to reality.

Businesses around the world count on Perle Terminal Servers and connection semiconductors and hardware. Our LTE Routers for 5G connectivity offer integrations designed to facilitate change in a rapidly-evolving world. The future of connected devices is only as far as the newest technology.


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