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Issues to consider it's time to sell your data center

By Donna Donnowitz
March 2, 2015

Some of the largest data center names in the business are pulling out of the storage game and selling off their infrastructure to the highest bidder. Reuters reported that AT&T has plans to eliminate $2 billion worth of data storage from its holdings in an effort to clear up debt and streamline operations. The article noted that Verizon is currently hammering out the details of a similar sale of over $10 billion worth of wireless towers and other data facility assets.

Experts are predicting that this shift at the top of the data center industry will trickle down to smaller companies, so data center operators across the spectrum would do well to consider if selling their own data center assets would make a prudent business move in 2015. Keep reading for additional insights into the process of valuing your facility and finding a buyer.

Best to pull the trigger sooner than later
Considering the ever rising demand for storage capacity, Data Center Knowledge pointed out that this is a great time to sell a data center. By making this move when the market is full of potential buyers, your company will have greater latitude to negotiate a leasing deal with the facility's new owners. This arrangement would allow a company to make a sale of its data center assets and eliminate endless logistical costs from the budget without much of an impact to the company's current infrastructure. Regardless of how you and your team choose to arrange the sale of the data center, your company stands to recoup most of its investment with a timely sale.

Get your transition strategy off the ground ASAP
If you plan to stay in your data center after the sale, then transition issues will be minimal for your company. Otherwise, it makes sense to plan out your next data center as you figure out how to sell your current space - performing these searches in tandem helps smoothen the sale and purchase timeline as much as possible.

Gigaom pointed out that most data centers are moving away from in-house facilities and toward the public cloud. Consider discussing a prorate with a cloud vendor as your company begins the process of moving data from their massive facility to the cloud. If your company is moving from one physical facility to another, then you can use gear like remote management consoles to facilitate the sharing of information between the two locations.

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