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LEED falling short when it comes to cabling

By Donna Donnawitz
February 29, 2012
Organizations are increasingly focusing on sustainability within their facilities, ranging from the core office to the data center. The LEED certification is indicative of this trend. A growing number of businesses are striving for the United States Green Building Council credential to guide their environmental efficiency efforts. The problem is that LEED may not be up to the task. According to a recent Cabling Installation & Maintenance report, LEED completely ignores the role of structured cabling and other similar networking technologies in the sustainability equation.

The news source explained that engineers have been pushing for the inclusion of structured cabling in LEED for quite some time, but to no avail. The certification, which recognizes efforts toward sustainability in everything from lighting to construction processes and even bicycle racks. Standards organizations such as the BICSI have been pushing the USGBC to recognize the importance of networking in the sustainability process However, these efforts have come to naught, and the news source said it is looking more and more like the USGBC will not alter LEED standards to take cabling into account.

The lack of consideration for network infrastructure within LEED can have a severe impact on operations. The report said organizations that are heavily focused on obtaining LEED certification can divert budgetary funds entirely to solutions that will support recognition. Because of this, many companies are not devoting the resources to cabling that they should, creating major challenges for network architects.

A solution to this problem is emerging. A new set of standards, known as the Sustainable Technology Environments Program, is emerging to achieve similar goals of LEED, but with the inclusion of structured cabling and other network elements in the sustainability equation. Major standards bodies including the BICSI, CompTIA and the Telecommunications Industry Association, are all behind the new certification. The report said this could prove to validate cabling's role in sustainability and help guide business investments in environmental efficiency.

Cabling infrastructure and network equipment can play a major role in encouraging sustainability in the data center. Console server infrastructure, for example, can give organizations the ability to gain more control over their facility and hardware architectures. This is accomplished because the console server allows for remote control of the facility from almost any location, making it much easier to manage the infrastructure and optimize efficiency at any time.

Perle’s wide range of 1 to 48 port Perle Console Servers provide data center managers and network administrators with secure remote management of any device with a serial console port. Plus, they are the only truly fault tolerant Console Servers on the market with the advanced security functionality needed to easily perform secure remote data center management and out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world.


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