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Modular moves from fringe to mainstream

By Donna Donnowitz
November 10, 2014

Greater availability of compact, efficient technology has helped facilitate the data center industry's unchecked growth. Each year it seems that IT staffs can do more with less space, and no technology trend exhibits this quite as well as modular data centers. IT Market Research Reports predicted the global data center market to expand with a CAGR of 10 percent from 2013 to 2018, and a good deal of this growth has been driven by data centers expanding to meet ever increasing capacity needs. Modular data centers are likely to remain on the center stage as the industry struggles to balance its space and efficiency demands.

Modular units push industry growth
Vendors like HP and Cisco have already jumped onto the modular data center trend, marketing compact data centers directly to to companies. Marketing has focused on how modular data centers take up less space while increasing computer resources - this strategy has been especially effective for small and medium-sized businesses. Light Reading reported that the increased use of modular data centers in city-operated and retail sector data centers is responsible for much of this growth. Likewise, more IT staffs are on the lookout for an out-of-the-box solution for data center infrastructure. Modular data centers make it easy for a company that resides exclusively on the cloud to quickly set up an on-site data facility of their own.

Enhanced technology just around the corner
The modular data center market is bound to keep growing as the technology improves and IT staffs discover new ways to combine modular systems with the company's current hardware. On the technology side, Dell has recently announced that the company has received a custom order to design a 200 Petabyte modular data center, according to Enterprise Tech. While the company has no plans for rolling out such a container for mass production, the announcement is an important hint at what the next generation of modular data centers will be capable of. In the meantime, there are plenty of ways that customers can maximize the effectiveness of current-generation modules. Combining modular technology with a remote console server would allow customers to maximize the users that can access a single network at once, making modular data centers even more cost effective.

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