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Nearly 70 percent of businesses considering a hybrid cloud for 2015

By Mark Burkhalter
December 3, 2014

Data centers can get the best of both worlds by meeting the benefits of private storage and the cloud. Commercial digital storage needs have reached the point where a large number of data-intensive businesses are considering splitting up their storage needs. Talkin' Cloud reported that 69 percent of companies surveyed by Avanade are planning a hybrid cloud move in the near future. Examining factors driving this adoption reveals how deploying a hybrid cloud could help to streamline your business' operations.

Companies need mix of old and new solutions
Data Center Knowledge pointed out that there is a long list of factors that encourage companies to choose a mix of cloud storage solutions. Legacy technology, for example, still plays a big part in determining which technologies remain essential to data centers. Many businesses still run decades-old applications, while others manage data facilities that must maintain a local presence.

In cases like these, the ability to balance a private cloud with the resources available on the public cloud is essential for running a business. The news source also pointed out that leveraging hybrid cloud solutions is a cost-effective investment. A survey from IBM that tested 800 companies showed that those embracing the cloud have also enjoyed nearly twice as much revenue growth than their rivals.

Considerations for IT teams adopting hybrid clouds
While shifting to a hybrid model promises multiple benefits for companies, every major technological shift requires careful planning and research. TechTarget has multiple tips for IT teams considering or undergoing the adoption of a hybrid cloud structure. Making detailed outlines of the company's data storage needs and preparing fresh management strategies for operating the new infrastructure will help to smooth the transition.

Another key part of the planning stage is identifying solutions for new connection problems. For example, a remote console server can be used to manage access to the private cloud by employees working from long distance. Making these decisions early helps to make the hybrid cloud transition quicker and easier.

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