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Network upgrades need to keep pace with the cloud

By Donna Donnawitz
January 9, 2012
Businesses are adopting cloud computing solutions at a torrid pace. The technology is changing the framework of enterprise IT departments, as Software-as-a-Service and, more recently, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions become significantly more popular. However, a recent Business Insider report said most businesses are not upgrading their network at the same pace as the cloud, making it difficult for organizations to transmit data to end users without experiencing performance disruptions.

Citing a recent Frost & Sullivan study, the news source explained cloud computing solutions are exploding into the enterprise scene, with private cloud the most dominant model coming along the way. This is leading to a situation where more businesses are virtualizing their server infrastructure to establish a strong foundation for the cloud. Because of this, the servers are handling as much data as possible, end users are accessing applications and other content from a diverse range of devices and the network is not configured to handle this amount of traffic.

According to Frost & Sullivan, this trend toward virtualization and cloud-based systems in the data center is making networking upgrades integral to success in the cloud. In response, businesses need to invest in tools that help them flatten their Ethernet architectures, virtualize network appliance and streamline how they go about managing their networking architectures, the report said.

The news source explained that the trend toward cloud computing, and resulting need for network upgrades, is especially prevalent in the Asia-Pacific region. In the Frost & Sullivan survey, industry expert John McHugh explained that not all businesses in the region have made a move to the cloud, but the number of companies that are developing strategies to embrace the new technology is rising fast.

"They are certainly not all there yet but roadmaps are in place and there is a high level of awareness about the issues they need to address. Creating a data center networking architecture that is simple, secure, flat and virtualized is a top priority for the region's IT decision- makers," said McHugh, according to Business Insider.

Making network upgrades to support the cloud is emerging as a popular solution because the technology forces businesses to transmit more data between servers and out to users in remote locations. This makes tools, such as WAN optimization and quality of service management, essential to successfully engaging in the cloud.

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