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Networking equipment can fuel efficiency in the data center

By Donna Donnowitz
July 7, 2011
Power consumption is becoming a major problem in the data center. Businesses are growing quickly, creating more data and requiring more IT infrastructure. To meet these needs, many companies are investing in more data center hardware, including media adaptors, console servers and other equipment. As the amount of hardware housed in the data center begins to skyrocket, energy consumption follows suit.

This trend toward energy use is making efficiency a key consideration in the sector, the Data Center Journal reports. The increased environmental footprint of data centers is a major problem because it leads to higher operational costs, something that many companies cannot afford. Furthermore, the report said recent disasters in Japan have shed light on the risks associated with nuclear energy, making power concerns even more pressing in the data center.

As a result, many data center managers are beginning initiative programs that emphasize more efficient network operations, the report said. This is often accomplished by replacing hardware with more efficient systems that are capable of operating using dramatically less energy.

The report cites fixed form-factor core switches as a key example of this trend. Typically, a core switch operates as a connection point between different access layer switches. A fixed form-factor core switch is capable of providing for this need while operating using approximately 95 percent less energy than a typical half-rack chassis switch that would normally perform the same function.

Top-of-rack switches are another area where networking equipment can be upgraded to improve efficiency throughout the facility, the report said. A growing trend toward converged infrastructure for top-of-the-rack switches and the equipment they directly work with is emerging as a way to meet growing performance demands while operating more efficiently and using less energy, according to the report.

While upgrading to networking equipment can dramatically improve data center efficiency, other large-scale industry changes need to be considered when making such strategic decisions. According to a recent Data Center Knowledge report, facility managers need to seriously consider IPv6 migration as they provision their data centers to meet changing needs. The report explained this is especially the case when working with environmental monitoring and management tools, as IP-based sensors will need their own IP addresses and may soon start coming out in IPv6 format.


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