Networking essential when reaching towards the clouds

Cloud computing changes the data center so much that networking upgrades become necessary.

By Max Burkhalter
January 17, 2012
For many businesses, analysis of what the cloud can do for operations makes the technology incredibly enticing. Capital costs can be virtually eliminated when it comes to back-office hardware, operational expenses pertaining to IT maintenance decline, employees can perform independent of location and overall productivity rises fast. However, reaching the cloud setup that can support such lofty goals requires significant network investments and planning for how the infrastructure can be optimized to support cloud computing, the Worcester Business Journal reported.

According to the news source, businesses need to carefully plan network upgrades in light of the cloud and understand how much they can adapt their infrastructure to support the technology. One thought that needs to be considered is the reach of the network.

Cloud computing involves sending resources from vendors' data centers to a business' headquarters or various branch offices. Because of this, the network can easily experience significant latency simply because of distance. To overcome this challenge, the news source said businesses moving to the cloud should consider the reach of their WAN infrastructure and work with their service provider to ensure their infrastructure has the reach to support cloud service delivery to diverse locations.

The ability to add bandwidth in response to the cloud is another key consideration. Businesses making a transition to cloud computing need to establish architectures that make them more flexible and simplifies scaling to changing needs. The news source explained that organizations need to understand how much bandwidth they can add to the network at any time and adapt their cloud setup to ensure that networking demands do not rise beyond the amount of bandwidth that their network infrastructure can handle.

The network-related challenges associated with the cloud are substantial, making upgrades a clear solution. More advanced, sophisticated technologies are arriving to support cloud architectures. Businesses that make the network a priority and consider investing in infrastructure capable of supporting the cloud can put themselves in a position to handle the technology and leverage its complete benefits. Upgrades to consider include console server solutions to improve data center monitoring in light of more complex architectures, network appliance virtualization to optimally support virtual servers, fiber-optic cabling infrastructure to improve bandwidth and quality of service management tools to streamline routing.

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