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Optimization strategies for the hybrid cloud

By Max Burkhalter
August 26, 2014

The hybrid cloud has attracted numerous adopters as companies have come to recognize the "best of both worlds" appeal of mixing public and private storage. IT teams must still work to solve the challenges of managing a hybrid infrastructure as most data centers face issues that are particular to that facility. The following strategies are effective across the board for helping businesses optimize the performance of the hybrid cloud.

Enhance virtual environments
IT teams will need to make a few moves in the digital world to optimize hybrid cloud solutions, says Data Center Knowledge. Integrating high-performance load balancers, for instance, helps to increase the efficiency of storage, processing, and traffic flow. The best results come from creative mixes of existing architecture and innovative application of virtual tools, notes Datamation. Remote console servers, for instance, offer even greater potential for streamlining the workflow of users connected to a hybrid cloud system when the devices are linked through a WAN.

Streamline security
Don't let security take a back seat when optimizing your hybrid cloud. Failure to update security measures puts the network at risk and can create larger adoption obstacles later in the future , warns ZDNet. Furthermore, new security software is being designed to operate in hybrid cloud environments. The latest virtual firewalls are easily segmented and and can be customized to allow for easy data segregation on a multi-tenant platform. IT experts investing in new security measures should ensure that any new processes are able to function both in public and private environments.

Utilize open source
Don't count open source solutions out of the equation when optimizing your company's hybrid cloud. Proprietary software options deliver several unique benefits, but many of the most common automation tasks can easily be handled by an open source program. IT teams will have to do their due diligence in researching and implementing an open source solution that optimizes their cloud's performance. Apache CloudStack, for instance, offers a robust set of tools for constructing and operating cloud solutions. Tech experts who develop new ways to operate open source software in conjunction with proprietary formats can greatly enhance efficiency without generating extra costs.

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