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Optimize the smart grid on the business level

By Donna Donnowitz
January 10, 2014

While most smart grid benefits and news focuses on the energy provider and utility companies deploying the infrastructure, there are steps businesses can take to improve their side of the equation and drive a little more value out of these solutions. From deploying more efficient cabling to investing in high-quality media converters to optimize their use of smart meters and the like, enterprises will need to consider making some changes in order to prosper in the new smart grid era.

According to Smart Grid News, understanding how smart grids will affect their operations is critical for business and building owners. With power infrastructure able to communicate directly with building operations, gathering real-time data on power consumption and adapting to supply and demand changes, firms - especially those running data centers or other high-demand facilities - will need to evaluate their internal networks as well. Investing in serial to Ethernet converters and upgrading to fiber-optic cabling could improve the flow of data across the building, and ensure that the owner is maximizing the value they are getting from the smart grid that is available to them.

The first step to accomplishing these efforts, according to the news source, is to assess need. The more of a building's operations that are monitored and controlled through advanced technologies and infrastructure, the more efficiently it can be run. Therefore, seeing what improvements can be made and prioritizing them can help streamline advances. The most common cost-saving opportunity comes from embracing demand response technologies. Ensuring that the energy provider can see a firm's power demand in real-time and adjust supply accordingly will help a firm reduce its spending while ensuring it gets the juice it needs during peak performance times.

The smarter a building is, the more efficiently it can utilize the power of a smart grid. Upgrading one's infrastructure to match the availability of smart meters and related technology will ensure full utilization of potential and maximum savings, while keeping the group current on the latest in eco-friendly operations. Ultimately, this can save a firm more money, as grants are available for green efforts, and other businesses and consumers are beginning to favor working with other eco-conscious firms.

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