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PEER 1 Hosting breaks ground on new data center

By Max Burkhalter
February 1, 2011
Portsmouth, England is close to becoming the home of a new data center. PEER 1 Hosting recently began construction on its Portsmouth facility, and is set to finish the first stage of construction by Autumn 2011.

The 50,000 square foot facility will be constructed as a performance optimized data center. This allows PEER 1 to build the data center in stages, bringing different services to bear throughout the construction cycle. It also leaves room in the original design for expansion based on changing consumer demands.

After the first stage of construction is completed in fall, the facility will undergo upgrades as necessary. Currently, the plans allow for three more building phases. Overall capacity for the facility is for 1,020 normal cabinet equivalents or 20,000 servers from managed and dedicated hosting.

"Demand for European data center space is expected to double by 2015. There is a need for an increase in technology here and with our new flagship data center, we're answering that call," said Fabio Banducci, president and CEO for PEER 1. He also said the new facility positions the company to take advantage of its growing role as a leading hosting provider in the UK.

In the spring of 2010, PEER 1 completed a POD-based data center in Toronto, Ontario and the second POD is already under construction at the hosting facility. These new constructions have given PEER 1 a significant data center presence in North America and Europe with 18 facilities spread over the regions. Gary Sherlock, executive vice president and CFO for PEER 1, explained the significance of the Portsmouth data center.

"This new state-of-the-art data center enables us to continue delivering world-class service for both existing and new customers now and in the future. This is a significant investment for PEER1 but it will boost our presence in the UK and encourage worldwide investment in the market," said Sherlock.

Increasing demand for various hosted IT services is driving a number of new data centers and facility expansions around the world. According to a recent report from Data Center Knowledge, Steadfast Networks recently expanded its Chicago-based data center facilities in response to customer demands that require new IT infrastructure. Karl Zimmerman, founder and CEO of Steadfast Networks, told Data Center Knowledge the expanded data center allows the company to reach customers with a wider range of services.


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