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Power market trends expected to grow

By Donna Donnowitz
December 10, 2013

The AC-DC power supply market is expected to show prominent growth from 2013 to 2018 with a CAGR of 6 percent. This market, which includes communications, computers and industrial applications, as well as a number of emerging smaller markets, should remain strong and boost the overall distribution market with its own growth.

According to the recent Bharat Book Bureau study, the AC-DC power supply market is currently valued at $20 billion, but will exceed by $26.8 billion by 2018 if these predictions are accurate. Previous growth rates were slower, but steady, and this explosive jump could be a result of several different factors throughout the industry, from changes in the computing market to the growth of other applications in need of adequate power disbursement.

In addition to manufacturers and other firms that will be affected by this trend, the global power market could be affected as well, with increased demand for smart grid deployments and other solutions to better manage utilities on the rise. The smart grid trend supports the various industries driving the AC-DC power supply market significantly, improving the flow of both power and data between locations and enhancing company capacity for reducing costs and improving efficiency. From communications to industry, this will enhance adoption and ensure optimized power utilization.

The smart grid trend itself will be affected by the AC-DC power supply market growth as well, as many of the technologies used to support smart grid deployments utilize these technologies. From smart meters to the computers used in substations, utility providers need to ensure they are investing in the right hardware, such as terminal servers and serial to Ethernet converters to optimize their grids and incorporate other improvements without interference or latency.

The growth of the AC-DC power supply market will help drive lower wattage devices, chargers and other technologies as well, which should increase the opportunities for manufacturers to focus on innovation that will improve the smart grid segment and the consumer market as a result.

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