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Predicting weather with AI

By Max Burkhalter
October 1, 2021

Most of the population depends on their preferred weather-predicting apps for hourly updates, helping them to plan their outfits, activities and lives. Other than taking a step outside in the morning, it is the fastest and most accurate way to keep tabs on the weather patterns that affect our lives.

Meteorologists rely on huge computational equipment to make the predictions people look for. They collect data — as much data as they can — on everything from humidity to wind. Weather prediction models collect this data, and meteorologists use the output to create weather forecasts.

However, recently emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies promise faster, more accurate weather prediction. The most powerful computational tools in the world are being put to the test when it comes to weather events. Here's everything you need to know.

How it works
The traditional methods used by meteorologists are based on deep space satellites, weather balloons and radar systems. It's not always accurate, especially when so much can go wrong with each individual collection device. And when things do go wrong, the results can be a lot worse than people getting caught in the rain without an umbrella. The extreme weather patterns climate change has created mean the most accurate and complete weather information can save lives.

AI predictions are based in machine learning. Analytics Insight describes these AI techniques, models that can manipulate vast data sets from multiple sources and improve the accuracy of real-time predictions. The algorithms AI utilize can fill the gaps in meteorologists data collection, based on previous datasets and the chains of information AI can handle.

The potential for AI in meteorological predictions is enormous. If AI can handle more data at a higher speed, the results could be beneficial across the board. It will certainly help you as you're deciding whether or not to wear a coat on a chilly day, but also has benefits for an enormous range of individuals and businesses.

Benefits of AI in weather prediction
Analytics Insight from the previous source discusses the benefits of AI in tracking severe weather patterns. For example, researchers are collecting information about AI's potential to detect some hard-to-notice clouds that are concurrent with cyclone formation. The proposed model was 99% accurate, and worked in just 40 seconds.

The speed and accuracy of AI technologies when it comes to data computation in extreme weather patterns means there is a better chance of warning people in harm's way. If AI can track the speed and paths of tornadoes, hurricanes and other disastrous weather events, people will have a better chance of evacuating. And with the increase of such severe storms, the rapidity and accuracy of this tracking system could save lives.

AI weather tools are already being put to use to watch alarming weather patterns, but they're also useful in day to day operations. Constantly updating and following the most recent data, AI technologies can keep people and businesses up to date with the weather events of the day.

One such example is farming. AI tech is particularly useful in farming businesses, when the steps of growth and production depend on weather forecasting. It all comes down to soil moisture and temperature, says AgriTech Tomorrow, and weather predictions dictate growing strategies and actions. The amount and timing of rainfall can save food producers resources and energy. Farmers can create irrigation schedules, use solar and wind energy and plan pesticide disbursement with more accuracy. AI technologies are ensuring that the food you enjoy is on your table by helping farmers do their jobs more efficiently.

AI's potential when it comes to weather predictions are multifold, and are still being discovered. The live reaction to weather patterns will change with improved technology, as people check their weather apps and websites for the newest updates. Depending on an improved, reliable and smart weather prediction tool will help people, businesses and the world in concrete ways. It all comes down to the AI technology available.

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