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Red Cloud demonstrates value of modular data centers with Australian expansion

By Max Burkhalter
November 4, 2014

Australian tech company Red Cloud has recently announced an expansion across the continent, opening 11 new data centers with a total area of 1 million square feet. The company determined that the quickest, most organized method of expanding its operations was to invest in a modular data center solution, according to Data Center Dynamics. Working with Cannon Technologies, Red Cloud is deploying a full range of T4 data center modules as it expands its data holdings from coast to coast. Data center projects in the United States are rarely so ambitious, so the Red Cloud expansion provides unique insight on how smart hardware and product scalability greatly speeds up the moving process.

Scalable technology solutions
Scalability is one of the key selling points of the modular data center. TechTarget notes that modular equipment only needs power, a water supply and data connection to run at full capacity.These simple, predictable costs also make it easy to budget for and purchase new modular components when a company sees the need to expand its services. Likewise, simple installation is integral when companies are interested in setting up a data center as quickly as possible. When designing a data facility in a temporary work space, modular data centers deliver functionality and flexibility in the same package.

Simplified connectivity
Data Center Dynamics noted that one of the reasons that Red Cloud chose a modular data center approach is the desire to create a technology-neutral data center. Agnostic modular data centers are capable circumventing format wars, connecting as easily to rival power distribution and cooling methods. Near-universal connectivity also makes it easy for companies to integrate new modular equipment with legacy gear. A long-distance employee utilizing a remote console server, for instance, would be able to access information from the modular data center as easily as a traditional facility.

Accessible upfront costs
Modular data centers are designed to be assembled step by step, as opposed to investing in new cooling and storage infrastructure each time the company is forced to meet greater capacity needs. This approach is more efficient than retrofitting the data center in stages. A modular strategy eliminates the energy waste created by the data center's unused capacity. This strategy is also far cheaper than investing in an entire data center facility from the get go.

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