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Security considerations for data centers

By Donna Donnowitz
December 17, 2014

It's no question that security is a top priority for data centers. A recent string of cloud breaches and heightened scrutiny of the data sovereignty movement overseas has more IT teams thinking about the ramifications of a weak security strategy. There are many resources available for helping to make the data center less vulnerable to breaches and information loss, so developing a broad vision for your IT staff's security improvements is a smart way to start the process.

Go big or take a step-by-step approach
Both a full overhaul of your data center's security strategy and incremental improvements have their advantages, according to ZDNet. Older data centers with security protocols that might not stand up to the techniques of modern data criminals and should consider investing in a full-scale upgrade. This strategy may not be possible for all companies - when customers depend on a data center's reliable uptime, updating security protocols gradually provides a flexible, cost-effective compromise.

Sharing networks might be asking for trouble
It's not unusual for business partners to share a physical networks, but this practice may be a top security threat for your company. Data Center Knowledge warned that virtual separation between two companies using the same server is not sufficient defense against harmful backdoors. The resource recommended keeping management infrastructure on another server physically separated from the one being used by yourself and your business partners. An easy way to establish this set-up would by through the use of a remote console server, providing access from your facility to the jointly-used infrastructure.

Communicate security changes from top to bottom
Communication is just as important as technology when it comes to protecting your network. After all, a few seconds of human carelessness can easily undo thousands of dollars of security precautions. That's why it's vital for IT staffs to keep the entire company updated when making changes to the way the data center is secured. Keeping everyone in the loop about how things should operate will also make it easier for employees to recognize and communicate issues when they arise.

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