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Signs that the perspectives on big data have changed

By Donna Donnowitz
March 31, 2015

It wasn't so long ago that big data was being propped as the future of data centers, and just about everything else. Companies began collecting large amounts of data about their clients and services and investing in powerful solutions for analyzing said data. The strategy promised companies an edge, and members of multiple industries responded by investing in huge data centers with large amounts of servers churning through critical business information.

"Lessons learned during the big data craze will continue to shape the industry."

A few years into the big data craze and businesses are realizing the strategy is not a silver bullet, according to Big Think. Likewise, trends in data center design have begun to shift facilities away from the expansive hardware landscapes that helped earn "big data" its moniker. Read on to learn how the lessons learned during the big data craze will continue to shape the future of industry.

Taking the "big" out of big data
Considerations of growth and scale in the data center are completely different than they were just a few years ago. Advances in virtualization and solid state drives have made it significantly easier for IT teams to manage large amounts of data with significantly less infrastructure to worry about. As a result, data center footprints are getting smaller all the time. In some cases it may be just as cost effective to run two efficient data centers and combine resources via a remote console server as it would be to build and run one gigantic, centralized data center.

As a result, the nomenclature describing "big data" becomes even less specific than it was before. The streamlining of data collection and analysis technology has also made big data strategies more accessible to smaller companies, eroding the perception of big data as a tool for use exclusively by large enterprises. The industry will likely continue to evolve with the needs and resources of big data's customers.

Data will never be small, but it may not be "big" for much longer.Data will never be small, but it may not be "big" for much longer.

An industry is need of a better phrase
Some tech experts are arguing for a new term to replace "big data" completely, according to Data Center Knowledge. The article explained that big data applications as a whole are headed for the metaphorical "trough of disillusionment." Companies utilizing big data have now become more intimate with the technology's limitations and where the solutions fall short of projected expectations. The buzzword air surrounding the term "big data" certainly does not help the technology's image in the eyes of tech investors. The article recommended that a more specific phrase and more precise scale of data, from small to big, would help to eliminate some of this confusion.

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