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Smart grills

By Max Burkhalter
September 26, 2022

Depending on where barbecue lovers reside, the popular cooking option was classically relegated to warmer weather. After all, only the bravest of grillers are willing to flip dinner while wearing snow shoes, leaving only the summer months as peak cookout season.

Thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) developments, smart barbecues and applications are here to extend the grilling experience year-round. This article will examine how enthusiasts can fire up these devices without worrying about the weather outside.

Flameless ignition?

Lighting a charcoal or gas grill has always been dependent on fire. While the evolution of barbecuing saw matches and lighters give way to push-button ignition devices, today's IoT tech is taking lighting a step further.

Looft has developed a fire starter designed to ignite your grill by harnessing the power of all-electric corded or battery charged devices. The Looft Lighter uses 1200 of supercharged air to light a barbecue in seconds, effectively fast-forwarding the heating process. Designed to offer a safe and efficient alternative to handheld lighters, Looft offers some of the quickest, safest and cleanest ignition devices on the market today.

Perfect temperature

The MEATER promises to prevent grillers from over or undercooking their dinner by offering a smart device connected thermometer that inserts directly into the meal. Boasting dual sensors that measure ambient and internal temperature, cooks can monitor and receive updates on their connected phones or tablets. Varying units offer 10m, 50m or connected wi-fi range, and every MEATER device is calibrated within 0.5 of the internal sensor.

The connectivity allows off-season barbecue enthusiasts to stay warm and monitor the progression of their cooking meal from the comfort of their couch.

High-tech grilling

The Weber Genesis SX-355 is a gas grill that sports plenty of smart tech integration. A connected app sends temperature alters to user devices, and will even send alerts when meat that's busy cooking needs to be flipped or served. Digital Trends ranks the Weber unit as one of the 7 best smart grills and smokers for 2022, noting that the connected applications are so plentiful that they may dissuade the less tech-savvy enthusiasts from considering the barbecue.

Skip the cleanup

While some barbecue lovers are willing to brave the elements in order to grill a perfect meal, very few appreciate the post-dinner cleanup. Thanks to the IoT innovation behind the Grillbot, seasoned barbecuers can focus on the prep and forget about the post-meal polish. Activated with the push of a button, Grillbot can be placed on the surface of the grill and will get to work once the barbecue lid is closed. The smart device does a deep clean of the grill area and will notify owners when the job is finished.

Perle powers innovation

Perle is proud to partner with leaders in the smart technology industry as they continue to develop devices that make life easier and more convenient. To learn more about how Perle is augmenting the innovation of smart devices  by providing terminal servers for the companies like Ace Hardware, visit our retail solutions page.


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