Retail/Point of Sale (POS)

Using device networking technology to boost sales efficiency

The retail business faces a constant challenge in balancing competitive prices, high-quality customer service, and fast-moving sales.

With multi-channel retail, mobile shoppers, showrooming, RFID and the IoT, complex network environments are needed to maximise and analyse customer information.

Point of Sale (POS) equipment stands right in the front line for all types of business from the major supermarkets to the family-run corner store. From a simple bar code reader to a sophisticated ePOS station, integrating POS into the business is often the key to increased sales efficiency and higher profits. In an economy that's demanding 24-hour opening, data connections between the online or in-store sales counter and back office have to be secure, reliable and cost-efficient.

Using device networking technology to boost sales efficiency

Here are a few examples of how Perle Media Converters, Serial Terminal Servers and other device networking hardware meet the needs of Retail customers and their system integrators.

Sainsbury’s integrate Perle Terminal Servers into Warehouse Distribution System

Perle IOLAN Terminal Servers provide seamless communication between chute displays and Warehouse Control System.

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Avis Budget Chooses Perle Console Servers to Ensure Network Uptime

Installation of Perle IOLAN SDSM Console Servers at each Avis Budget outlet for frontline network assessment, diagnosis and OOBM.

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Ace Hardware implements robust point-of-sale and inventory management system

Perle Terminal Servers provide seamless data flow between shop floor and headquarters through web-based inventory management system.

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Adidas automates stock and distribution system

Perle Serial Cards connect bar code readers and thermal transfer printers to server enabling automation of picked products and dispatch label printing.

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Tesco’s boosts application performance for Home Shopping service

Perle Serial Cards extend life of existing label printers during major server upgrade.

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Arrow converts a 6,300 retail outlet POS system to a LAN based infrastructure

Perle Terminal Servers network 90,000 serial devices and delay EOL of existing equipment by up to 8 years

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Bridgestone/Firestone implements enterprise-wide network to capture critical store data

Perle Serial Cards, connect user terminals, printers and modems at each store to a local server that transmits transaction and stock details nightly to the head office.

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Postkantoren B.V. transform post office outlets into modern retail stores

Perle serial cards connect POS equipment to a local server for counter service automation

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Delta Systems provides central control for administrative and manufacturing operations

Perle Serial Cards connect administrative and manufacturing operation terminals, printers and laboratory equipment to central office server.

A leading kiosk manufacturer improves end user satisfaction through improved uptime and performance

Perle Serial Cards integrate a variety of equipment, including receipt printers, touch screen interfaces, and internal card readers.

Major restaurant chain uses serial cards to prolong equipment life during a global POS system upgrade

Perle Serial Cards enable customer to maintain the use of existing printers during a POS System roll out.

US Furniture Retail Chain deploys secure data links from credit card reader to remote application server

Perle Device Servers use serial COM ports to network enable terminals with debit/credit card readers.

Other clients in the Retail Industry:

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Using Serial to Ethernet

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