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Study: Data centers getting 'bigger and better'

By Donna Donowitz
March 31, 2011
Despite the economic downturn that continues to affect many businesses, a recent study found companies have continued expanding their data centers in recent years, increasing their capacity and improving their features.

The study, entitled the State of the Data Center, was conducted by AFCOM, a global association of data centers. The organization polled 358 data center managers in order to gain insight into the ways in which data centers are adapting to new technologies, economic realities and other challenges.

According to the study, data centers have expanded rapidly in recent years. Approximately 44.2 percent of data centers occupy more floor space than they did three years ago, the study found. Furthermore, an additional 49.4 percent are either currently expanding or have plans to do so in the near future.

Just 16.4 percent of data centers have been downsized, the study reported.

The study also indicated cloud computing has played an important role in the expansion of data centers worldwide. Approximately 36.6 percent of respondents indicated their data centers have deployed cloud computing technology, while an additional 35.1 percent said they are seriously considering doing so.

This represents a significant increase in data center cloud adoption over last year, when 14.9 percent of respondents said they had implemented cloud computing solutions.

Jill Yaoz, CEO of AFCOM, said change and technological innovations are now "an accepted part of day-to-day life," making it important for data center managers to be able to adapt "to the new technologies and directions emerging in the industry."

According to Yaoz, "one of the most interesting changes our survey illustrates is the continued transition to the cloud. When we last did this survey in October 2009, very few data centers were even interested in the cloud, let alone actually adapting it."

Now, however, "we see that data center managers are more familiar with the risks and concepts, and cloud computing is quickly becoming a new standard of operation."

In August 2010, the Data Center Institute released a guide for data center managers looking to embrace cloud computing IT architecture. AFCOM plans to release another educational series on data center cloud computing in the near future. In addition, the organization held a panel discussion to discuss the results of the recent study at the Spring 2011 Data Center World Conference, in Las Vegas.


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