The possibilities of IoT technology

The ways IoT technology can improve the business practices of your company. 

By Max Burkhalter
September 17, 2021
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-growing industry across businesses and fields, offering companies the opportunity to advance and improve their practices. Your business may be strengthened with the implementation of IoT technologies that stabilize, accelerate and grow your capacities. Here are just a few of the possibilities the IoT could unlock.

Uncertainty is a part of any business and its plan for the future. There is no knowing what calamities, man-made or otherwise, might shake a company's plans. The growing IoT in businesses worldwide offers resilience in the midst of such uncertainty.

IoT provides structures for data preservation, alleviating many tasks employees would otherwise have to manage themselves. When challenging times arrive, IoT establishes firm foundations so information is not lost to human error. IoT foundations, once established, maintain the daily tasks of a business.

The COVID-19 pandemic destabilized many of the systems companies depended on. Many businesses that relied on IoT technologies in this unprecedented time saw real-time results. Indeed, Mckinsey & Company highlighted how IoT technologies allowed the tracking of COVID cases to protect an employee's potentially infected colleagues. With the upset of so many formerly dependable structures, and the introduction of new strategies, IoT helped. Taking the weight off employees gave companies freedom to respond to other issues that arose during the pandemic.

The IoT offers stability for companies that require flexibility and time to address dilemmas outside of their control. This technology implemented real-time structures that secured companies' ability to best respond to uncertain times.

The automation of IoT technologies provides smart and quick responses for businesses. Data is collected automatically, unhindered by unpredictable dilemmas. The IoT uploads information directly and immediately, and a company can respond just as fast. These constant and current updates mean companies can save time, energy and resources.

SimbirSoft reports on Compology, a waste collection service, that saved up to 40% of production costs with their IoT implementation. The sensors that collected data in the company's bins were often subject to condition difficulties and failing batteries. Compology route information was therefore inefficient and slow, until IoT technology was implemented. Using IoT technology that updated the employees immediately on the state of the rubbish bins gave drivers direct plans before the customer even knew the state of their waste bins.

The efficiency of this system, unreliant on slow and increasingly problematic technology, improved the company's response time. With customer satisfaction increased, and resources saved, Compology benefited from the speed offered by their cutting-edge IoT technology.

There is an increasing number of companies implementing IoT structures in their business practices across the world. By 2023, 50% of the largest companies will use the IoT in their development. Businesses are catching on, recognizing that the speed and security offered by IoT technologies will benefit their capacity to best serve their customers.

As the IoT industry continues to expand across fields, the benefits of IoT tools become hard to ignore. Fast-acting, data-driven, well-implemented technologies boost a company's ability to excel in their aims. A business will grow and develop if these technologies are used effectively, cutting costs and fast-tracking strategies to best accomplish their goals.

Your company is constantly in search of the next technology to increase its outreach and help its clients. Providing the best possible tools, aiding more people, and doing so in the most efficient manner is the key to boosting your business's growth. If your company can adapt technology to create this growth while simultaneously cutting costs and securing stability, the gains will only increase. The IoT technology available accomplishes these goals, and offers a promising future for the overall benefit of your business.

Perle can support your efforts to implement IoT structures in your company to stabilize risks against uncertainty, fast-track response, and grow your business. Read our customer success stories to learn more.


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