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The walls have ears: The data our devices capture

By Perle Systems
April 24, 2023

Since the dawn of the internet, there have been folks who are, quite rightfully, wary of having their personal information online for anyone to access. From 20-character convoluted passwords to sticking tape over webcams, people are taking all sorts of precautions to safeguard their privacy.

With connected devices now extending far beyond just computers, what other measures should we implement to protect our data? What kind of intel do our smart watches, home assistants and tablets have about us? Are these devices safe to use, or should we stick to our analogs?

Biometric data

We use applications on our smartphones and tablets for almost everything, from banking and emails to identifying songs and finding people to date. Many of these apps and the devices themselves require passwords to access them, and entering these codes can be tedious.

Device manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have responded by allowing us to use fingerprint or facial recognition software (biometric authentication) to bypass passwords entirely. While neither government nor private entities can legally use this data in most places, the fact remains that it is stored on our gadgets and could potentially be misappropriated.

fingerprint, phone, biometric accessOur fingerprints are now on and in our phones.

Behavioral patterns

Smart trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch have forever changed how we approach our health. As IoT for All explains, these devices and their corresponding apps have made it easy for us to monitor our exercise, weight, food and water intake, sleep and even menstrual cycles. Naturally, all of this information is kept somewhere in the cloud.

Although hardware manufacturers usually store user data under lock and key, leaks do happen, whether purposeful or accidental. In all likelihood, your data will be used only to teach algorithms to market to us more cleverly, but it does beg the question: What could companies do with that personal information?

Contact information

Similar to typing out passwords, manually entering information such as our names, phone numbers and residential addresses on digital devices has become a chore, and companies have answered our pleas with the autofill function. While this has certainly made it easier for us to share personal details faster on forms and sign-up requests, we have to acknowledge that those particulars are now stockpiled in a database.

Again, if this information were ever leaked, corporations would most likely utilize it only for marketing purposes, but it does open the door to more nefarious and even outright criminal activity like identity theft or even stalking.

The fact of the matter is that our connected devices know a lot more about us than we may admit. Realistically, it's virtually impossible to be without a phone or computer, so it's up to users to decide whether they entrust tech giants with their personal information, making reading those Ts and Cs paramount. And choose they must, because connected devices are here to stay.

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