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Top 6 telecommunications trends

By Max Burkhalter
January 26, 2022

If you deal in telecommunication technology you don't need us to tell you what an exciting time this is for the intersection of technology and communications. Even if you're not a telecommunications professional, you've likely been exposed to the rapidly advancing world of distanced connection whether you're actively aware of it or not.

Everyone can thank the pandemic for a good deal of the telecommunication technology usage we've become accustomed to. Now that many workplaces have adopted hybrid or completely remote protocols, some spanning states and even countries, telecommunications are even more a constant in all aspects of our lives.

Here are 6 of the main telecommunication trends to pay attention to:

5G on the way
5G, one of the newest technologies when it comes to telecommunication services is well on its way. The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts the global volume of 5G smartphone shipments to expand to 69% of global volume by 2025. Get ready for 5G and all of its benefits – including increased bandwidth, capacity and faster systems.

IoT telecommunication trends
Nowadays it seems like everything is becoming 'smarter,' with interconnected systems and linked messaging for our optimized usage. From self-driving cars to smart factories, our data is tabulated and analyzed for us, increasing efficiency and overall productivity. The telecom industry is no exception. With 5G growing globally, we can certainly expect an increase of IoT technology within communications.

Growing across the planet
As the interconnected world grows even more bound by technology and advancements, we are seeing increased penetration of communication services across many continents. Remote regions of the world are seeing growth in their telecoms markets, with internal and external operators beginning services and growing their footprint. GlobeNewswire predicts the global telecommunications market will reach $3461 Billion by 2025, compared to $2555.45 billion in 2020 – helped along by the continued need for further connection in workplaces and across borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

More phones, more connections
With more phones being created and shipped across the world, it's no wonder that more and more devices are connecting to the internet and playing a part in the telecoms market. It's a trend we certainly don't expect to go anywhere anytime soon, what with new versions of phones cropping up whenever we turn around.

It's getting faster
While the market may not be the most vibrant compared to other tech industries, there are new products rolling out that will speed up our connections. 5G is only the latest in a series of tech developments that will get us our connections right when we want them.

There's more on the way
Perhaps most importantly, we can expect only upward mobility in the field of telecommunications. New products, more connectivity, increased phone usage and areas of connection that may not have been tapped previously. Telecommunications is a sector that will shift and continue to evolve to meet consumer demand and needs. Keep an eye out, the next development may be exactly what you're looking for.

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