Telephone and data networks have to provide 100 percent availability for customers making calls or accessing the internet. All this is made possible by networking equipment ranging from Layer 2 switches in major hubs to DSLAMS for internet access in telephone exchanges. If these key components fail, revenue may be lost and customer satisfaction affected.

Telecommunications equipment is often installed in lights-out data centres, distant POP sites, co-location facilities and other sites. As a result, gaining access for re-boots, configuration changes or diagnostics may be a costly exercise. And remote in-band SNMP management systems may not provide an effective solution.

Perle technology enables network administrators to access the serial ports on telco equipment whatever the circumstances. With its sophisticated authentication and security features, Perle Console Servers are an excellent choice.

Ethernet Extenders enable Telco engineers to extend their Ethernet services beyond 100m and avoid cost-prohibitive replacement wiring. Perle Media Converters are extensively used in the Telco sector, where it is common to be faced with a mixture of copper and fiber cabling. Below are a few examples of customers using Perle.


Avis Budget Chooses Perle Console Servers to Ensure Network Uptime

A major US telecommunications provider uses IOLAN SDSM Console Servers at each Avis Budget outlet as the primary access point for remote console management of the network via IP or dial-up modem connection.

Avis Budget logo

BT chooses Perle Terminal Servers for remote access and management of LDU’s

Secure, reliable access and management of LDU’s in hundreds of remote telephone exchanges results in faster and cheaper residential phone line support.

BT logo

Orange (formerly France Telecom) enables remote administration of its vast server network

By installing a Perle Console Server in every server-rack, Orange is able to remotely administer and maintain its entire base of geographically distributed servers and assure maximum availability.

Orange logo

Allstream (formerly AT&T Canada) saves time and money with Perle Console Servers

By providing network managers a secure and reliable solution to remotely maintain and monitor up to 24 servers and other devices, out of hours trips to the office to reboot servers were reduced.

Allstream logo

Wireless Information Network upgrades network to ensure 24/7 uptime

Serial Servers facilitate access, monitoring and management of GSM modem banks to ensure maximum network uptime.

Wireless Information Network logo

Mercury Communications Limited centralizes management of 44 telephone exchanges

Perle Serial Cards connect three centralized systems to 44 telephone switches and allow 200+ users to log in and use the systems.

Mercury Communications Limited

Priority Communications Select Perle Media Converters to Resolve Warehouse Ethernet Distance Limitations

Installation of some multimode fiber and Perle Ethernet to Fiber Media Converters enabled the extension of the Ethernet network and improved network speed without any costly replacement of network infrastructure.

Priority Communication Logo

A Major Telecom Provider Exceeds 99.85% Uptime Through Remote Call Center Management

Perle Console Servers provided remote access and management of 60 Sun Servers through the company network.

A leading telecommunication company enables remote administration of billing servers using Perle Console Servers

Remote administration and management of Servers and Switches held in billing servers located throughout the world possible with Perle Console Servers. 

A Global Telco reduces system upgrade costs for call centers by implementing Terminal Servers

Existing serial based pollable storage units and system access terminals were connected to the new servers via Perle's IOLAN SDS2 and call centers and contact centers reduced their overall upgrade costs by leveraging existing infrastructure

Closed Captioning Provider Improves Dial-Out Capacity with a Perle Terminal Server

Remote employees gain simultaneous access to 24 modems with no restrictions on concurrent users.

Other clients in the Telecommunications Industry:

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