IOLAN Application Software Developer's Kit

Perle’s (SDK) allows OEMs, VARs, systems integrators and end-users to quickly develop hundreds of powerful custom applications that solve unique connectivity challenges. Using the popular "C" programming language, you can quickly customize IOLAN terminal servers to exert greater control over data input and output, as well as data transfers to and from the network.

Don't have the time resources or expertise to utilize the Perle SDK? Read about Perle Device Plug-ins here

Create powerful custom applications such as:

  • Factory machines that automatically email you when alarm conditions arise
  • Building access systems that greet employees as they come in
  • Custom networking protocols for legacy systems
  • and much more...

Perle’s IOLAN Software Developer's Kit allows you to modify the IOLAN to create powerful new services that solve a host of unique network connectivity challenges. These capabilities enable you to:

  • manipulate, add or delete data
  • Intelligently route serial data
  • Upload stored data from internal memory
  • Send informational or event driven email
  • Control protocol timing for Ethernet or serial protocols
  • Have data logging capability
  • Have event logging capability
  • Utilize RAM disk file resources
  • Access to debug and resource commands
  • Security authentication SSL/TLS and data encryption

Fast Development

The programming environment for the IOLAN SDK utilizes customer created code which runs along with the IOLAN device server's operating system. Custom applications up to 256K (uncompressed) can be written and loaded onto the IOLAN units.

Using the SDK, you can quickly develop code that adds any unique functionality you need to the IOLAN platform. The SDK also includes sample code to get you started.


The IOLAN SDK can be used with all IOLAN models:


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