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True COM port Operation

Backed with the experience of connecting hundreds of thousands of different devices to Ethernet over the years, using a Perle Device Server you can rest assured that virtually any device with a serial COM port will operate in conjunction with your desired application exactly as it did when you had it directly connected.  If the unlikely event occurs that the Perle Device Server does not enable this out of the box, Perle will make it work.
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In most cases connecting devices with serial COM ports to an Ethernet network using Device Server technology is straightforward.  The idea is that a Device Server operates just like a local COM port so that the devices you network operate like they did when they were directly connected to the application server.

However, due to the nature of Ethernet, problems can arise if your device or application is particularly sensitive to latency, timing sequences or inter-character grouping.  In these cases the Device Server must provide special data handling.

Other Device Server vendors have attempted to solve this issue by having you, the customer, rewrite portions of your application, or write your own code using software development kits (SDK’s). However, in most cases the customer does not have the time, resources or expertise to do this work.

With its innovative ACE™ technology (Adaptive Communication Engine), Perle IOLAN Device Servers utilize customer installable “Device Plug-ins” to successfully network devices where other solutions have failed.

Perle provides new “Device Plug-ins” for its customers every day.  If you have a device that you are struggling attach to your network, contact Perle immediately.  In the rare event that our out-of-box solutions do not meet your unique requirements, we will match you up with an existing Device Plug-in, or tailor one for you.

Device Plug-in Features

  • Perle maintains a growing library of Device Plug-ins or we can quickly tailor one for you **
  • Customer installable Device Plug-ins are simple to download into a Perle IOLAN Device Server
  • Device Plug-ins are designed to match your specific device for complete compatibility
  • Device Plug-ins are fully supported on the firmware release under which they are delivered

** Should Perle determine that a new Device Plug-in needs to be tailored for you, the following Terms and Conditions may apply:

  • Perle requires access to target device hardware and/or detailed device information
  • On-site assistance by Perle is optional and may incur charges to cover travel and/or other expenses
  • Modifications for new Device Plug-ins are typically completed within 2 business days.  Perle will advise customers if, in an unlikely event, additional charges are necessary.  Minimum order quantities may apply


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