Perle IRG LTE Routers enable Greenville Electric to fulfil Service Level Agreements.

Equipment diagnostics, parameters, alerts, and alarms are transmitted to headquarters over LTE to reduce unscheduled service calls

PRINCETON, N.J. (Oct. 21, 2021) Companies that provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to maintain equipment at customer locations need the ability to proactively monitor equipment parameters, receive maintenance alerts, and perform initial diagnostics. This is the only way to guarantee customer satisfaction and reduce the need to unnecessarily dispatch expensive maintenance trucks.

Philip Leonelli, CEO at Greenville Electric, sells, installs, maintains, and manages Cummins Generators. The SLAs for his commercial and residential customers specify uptime and minimum inspection schedules based on run-time and usage. Hoses, fans, belts, and other rubber items can degrade and require regular replacement. Cooling water levels, adequate anti-freeze provision, hose clips, battery charging operation, oil levels, exhaust systems, and many other components require ongoing monitoring.

Diagram for IRG LTE Routers enable Greenville Electric to fulfil Service Level Agreements

Leonelli comments, “With so many components and variables at play, we carry out a lot of scheduled service inspections to avoid any potential malfunctions or downtime. When Perle released their IRG LTE Routers, I immediately knew that we could use them to reduce the number of unscheduled service calls from customers reporting problems with their generators. As a long-standing Perle Media Converter customer, I knew that the quality and functionality of their LTE Routers would be second to none.”

Greenville Electric includes a Perle LTE Router at every new generator installation site. Using AT&T data sim cards, the LTE Routers allow Greenville Electric to monitor run-time parameters such as oil pressure, water jacket temperature, and battery conditions. In addition, maintenance alerts, alarms, and outage notifications are automatically transmitted back to headquarters over LTE. And, because the Perle Routers are designed to operate on limited power sources they are easily powered by the generator’s starting battery.

“Before we installed the Perle LTE Routers, we could only gather the comms data by patching into the client’s local network or physically dispatching maintenance personal to the generator,” says Leonelli. “We were keen to move away from unreliable client networks and have a dedicated remote access method into the generators. The IRG LTE Routers allowed us to implement a reliable and manageable cellular-based setup that we are very happy with. The system is flexible and entirely independent."

About Greenville:

Greenville Electric Co., Llc, offers full-service sales, repair, parts, installation, and maintenance of Cummins Generators for business and residential customers throughout North and South Carolina, USA.


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