Perle expands IOLAN SCG Console Servers to support Dual Feed 48vDC

An input voltage range of 24-60vDC gives telecommunications facilities a reliable out-of-band management solution

PRINCETON, N.J. (Jan. 27, 2022) Perle Systems, a global manufacturer of secure device networking hardware, has extended its line of IOLAN SCG Console Servers with models that support Dual Feed 48vDC for telecommunications facilities.

“Telco environments rely heavily on low voltage equipment,” comments John Feeney, COO at Perle Systems. “They also need a reliable out-of-band management solution to critical IT assets like routers, switches, firewalls, servers, power, storage, and other telecom appliances to ensure 24/7 uptime of their network. The IOLAN SCG Console Servers with support for an input voltage range of 24-60vDC is that solution.”

Perle provides the most comprehensive range of reliable and secure Console Servers with up to 50 Console Management ports supporting RS232, RS422, RS485, and USB interfaces. The modular design of the IOAN SCG allows the user to swap, upgrade, and scale to any combination of 16-port module cards to support all types of admin ports in one Console Management solution.

The optionally integrated LTE, Wi-Fi, or v.92 modem, provides multiple alternate access methods to manage, maintain and troubleshoot critical network devices, as well as transmit data from mission-critical equipment over LTE and wireless LAN networks.

With functionality that includes full routing capabilities with support for RIP, OSPF, and BGP protocols, Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), two-factor authentication (2FA), integrated firewall, advanced failover to multiple networks, advanced network security features, recognized authentication schemes, and leading-edge data encryption tools, the IOLAN SCG Console Servers provide a robust solution to keep telecommunications networks operating around the world.

All Perle IOLAN Console Servers only use high-end components to ensure product reliability. Perle backs this up with a Lifetime Warranty to guarantee user satisfaction.


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